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We Got You

23-03-2021 08:54:47 am

You might be navigating a lot of big changes: Finishing high school, pursuing post-secondary education, leaving home, and more. Some of these changes are exciting, and some may be a bit scary or overwhelming. Do not worry, we are in this together!

Literacy Today

21-09-2020 08:22:53 am

Literacy involves materials that humans use to communicate – be they visual, written, spoken, sung, and/or drawn. Definitions vary according to culture, personal values, and theories.

Second Semester Promotion

12-08-2020 03:13:18 pm

South Africa is currently on level 3, which means still some restrictions for its citizens including schools and tertiary institutions. Some institutions and schools could continue with online classes through level 5 and 4 lockdown, while others were just not ready to do so. That relates to a slow down of the school and university terms for these institutions.


09-06-2020 10:27:16 am

The coronavirus pandemic has brought enormous uncertainty for young people studying for exams, hoping to start university, and entering the world of work. Keeping up with your studies during the national lockdown must be a difficult task. Whether you are a seasoned home schooler or usually attend a traditional school, keeping up with your studies during lockdown can be challenging. You are confined to your home with family members around. To succeed in studying at home, you need to be prepared and become actively involved in your studies.

Covid 19 Re-opening

27-05-2020 10:58:00 am

Dear Van Schaik Bookstore Customer Our sincere vote of appreciation and thanks goes out to our fellow South African citizens who have been at the front line since the outbreak of the COVID 19 on our shores. We salute our essential service workers including health care, law enforcement and grocery supermarket personnel who showed their selfless availability to serve the public during this time.

Lock Down Announcement

26-03-2020 12:43:42 pm

Dear Valued Van Schaik Bookstore Customer, On the 23rd of March, our President announced a Nationwide Lock down from midnight of Thursday, 26th March. Only a limited range of services have been deemed essential and exempted. Van Schaik Bookstores fall outside this category and as a result, all our physical brick and mortar shops will have to be closed. Online orders of physical goods from bookshops for delivery to the public will also not be allowed as from Thursday, 26th March at 17h00 until 16 April per government regulations.

Van Schaik Bookstore has announced today that they are on the hunt for 20 "Student Influencers" to participate in a job creating national campaign to promote their innovative Van Schaik Rewards App.

Dear Valued Van Schaik Customer, Van Schaik Bookstore has been a trusted supplier of professional, educational and academic study materials for more than 100 years. We are always guided by our values which include excellence, trust, honesty, transparency and creativity. These values will continue to inform our response to the schools, professionals and higher education markets we serve whilst facing the latest outbreak of the Coronavirus.