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20-10-2022 11:59:29 am

How To Become More Adaptable?

22-10-2021 12:33:38 pm

There is no doubt the world we live in will continue to change – ongoing technological advancements will keep us needing to evolve and adapt. Plus, most of you will want to try your hand at various career paths and possibly even jump at the opportunity to work aboard. To manage these constant changes successfully, one needs to be adaptable. Being adaptable allows you to respond appropriately and quickly to new ideas and procedures, changing responsibilities and expectations as well as fresh strategies and visions. To do so you need strong interpersonal skills.

The Art of Being Adaptable

22-09-2021 04:00:48 pm

Adaptability is a soft skill that we all need to master. In fact, it is a critical value sought by most employers. It highlights your ability to manage changes and new situations with ease and success. An adaptable person is resourceful, has strong analytical skills, and learns new skills to meet evolving needs and circumstances.

Global edtech company Snapplify and southern Africa’s leading academic bookseller, Van Schaik, have partnered to make it even easier for students to access both hardcopy and digital books.

How to build you self-motivation

17-09-2021 03:32:54 pm

Like self-awareness, self-motivation is a critical life skill. Strong self-awareness certainly is a solid driver to improve one’s self-motivation. Being motivated helps drive us forward, achieve our goals, allowing us to feel more fulfilled and improving our overall quality of life.

The Importance of Self Awareness

09-09-2021 01:03:32 pm

What is self-awareness? This critical life skill stems from the ability to tune into your feelings, thoughts, and actions. Too often these just form part of our daily existence without us paying any real attention to them. Simply by actively paying attention to what you are feeling, how you are thinking and your actions you will begin to better understand the reasons behind them. A person with a high level of self-awareness is better able to understand their emotions and feelings and channel their thoughts and actions more effectively. They have more self-control, a higher level of self-esteem, better able to make decisions and are more proactive in their life journey. Good self awareness also improves your communication skills. Equally a person with low self-awareness is often not able to regulate their moods as easily as they are unable to affectively understand their feelings, thoughts, and actions. Often this leads to defensive communication, and interactions with those around them.

As the world of online study evolves in leaps and bounds and the complexity of the COVID-19 world demands more online work, it is imperative for us to master our ability to work independently. Similarly, remote work is a real possibility these days and companies investigate potential employees’ abilities and skills to work effectively remotely – even part-time.

7 Tips To Studying Remotely

01-09-2021 08:29:19 am

1. Set A Beginning and End Time Make sure you consider the task and allocate sufficient time to complete it. Set a start time to prevent procrastination. Also make sure you set an end time each day, so you know what you are working towards, and the end is in sight.

We Got You

23-03-2021 08:54:47 am

You might be navigating a lot of big changes: Finishing high school, pursuing post-secondary education, leaving home, and more. Some of these changes are exciting, and some may be a bit scary or overwhelming. Do not worry, we are in this together!