Illegal photocopying clampdown

05-11-2013 02:03:19 pm

Illegal photocopying clampdown

Van Schaik Bookstore respects copyright and strongly promotes a culture of respect for intellectual property amongst all its stakeholders. Illegal photocopying is causing enormous losses to the bookselling and publishing industry not to mention the infringement of academics’ and other authors’ intellectual property rights.

Van Schaik Bookstore, being a member of SABA (the SA Booksellers Association), through its association to PASA (Publishers’ Association of South Africa) has access to swift assistance in addressing illegal photocopying.

PASA’s membership of the South African Federation Against Copyright Theft (SAFACT) is increasingly bearing fruit: in the most successful action by SAFACT, police on 23 August 2012 seized about 30 copied textbooks as well as printing and computer equipment valued at nearly R1 million.

The raid by the SAPS Specialised Commercial Crime Unit took place at a photocopy and printing shop in High Street, Grahamstown. The SAPS Hawks’ action resulted from a tip-off, undercover investigation, careful logistical planning and the issuing of a search-and-seizure warrant by a Port Elizabeth magistrate. The Daily Dispatch and Grocott’s Mail reported on the raid in their issues of 24 August 2012, the latter introducing the story with a dramatic photo on its front page.

Please assist us in protecting intellectual property by reporting illegal photocopying.

SMS Tip Offs to 32211 – all information is treated confidentially