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29-08-2017 02:44:28 pm

In an ever-changing learning landscape, it is imperative to not only keep up, but also be a step ahead, especially with the rise in digital offerings and online educational institutions. Van Schaik Bookstore has the solution for you.

We were the first academic bookseller to introduce an aggregated e-Textbook platform to South Africa, which has allowed us to gain a deep understanding of and insights into how e-Textbooks are used by and affects students, academics, institutions and publishers.

This has lead to the development and creation of an unparalleled learning experience, called SmartSWOT.



The future of integrated, interactive learning

SmartSWOT is a digital learning ecosystem that goes beyond any e-Textbook experience and offers a variety of benefits and opportunities, not just for you, but also for your students.


Benefits for lecturers/tutors/teachers

  • Van Schaik Bookstore will lighten the load by developing new and enhanced content to make e-Textbooks more interactive.
  • Textbooks can be customized per course or campus and bundled with other institutional content.
  • SmartSWOT provides electronic records of student performance for management reporting and accounts.
  • SmartSWOT hosts content from top publishers, including supplementary materials in one package.
  • Self-marking quizzes and assessments, as well as analytics on student progress will assist you in customising lectures or focusing on specific troublesome areas.
  • You can upload your own notes, examples and assessments.
  • You can also enrich the content via media tools, including embedded videos, audio, animations and 3D graphs. Leveraging "flipped classroom" principles to relieve pressure on infrastructure.
  • SmartSWOT allows for one-to-one teaching, digital assessments, as well as the ability to track students’ progress.
  • SmartSWOT will also allow students to contact you and for group discussions to be held with their peers.


Benefits for students

  • Students will be able to access their textbooks on and offline, as they only need to connect to Wi-Fi to download new content.
  • The new platform allows students to make hand-written notes on pages, while also allowing them to add post-it notes, highlight and save certain sections.
  • Textbooks will come alive with animations, widgets and exercises allowing students to do virtual experiments and practical assignments or partake in workshops.
  • SmartSWOT technology and immediate feedback on assessments is available offline for students that do not have internet everywhere. This allows self-directed learning to happen creating individualised learning pathways.
  • SmartSWOT can be used on devices that Van Schaik can supply or on the student’s own tablet or laptop, in a “Bring Your Own Device” BYOD scenario.


Our e-learning solutions are tailor-made according to your requirements by the Van Schaik Bookstore Business Development Sales Unit representative in your area. We offer hands-on demonstrations and SmartSWOT workshops, provide content enrichment workshops for instructors, ongoing DTP support on-site or by phone, after hours student user help, accounts and billing workshops and so much more.

Contact the Direct Sales Unit today for a FREE needs assessment session at 021 918 8410.