Covid 19 Re-opening

27-05-2020 10:58:00 am

Dear Van Schaik Bookstore Customer

Our sincere vote of appreciation and thanks goes out to our fellow South African citizens who have been at the front line since the outbreak of the COVID 19 on our shores. We salute our essential service workers including health care, law enforcement and grocery supermarket personnel who showed their selfless availability to serve the public during this time.

Van Schaik Bookstore is pleased to inform you that the company has been identified as an essential service provider. Some of our stores have opened during last week to sell stationery, books for school learners and university students, as well as electronic devices such as laptops, printers, and cell phones. No other products outside of these categories may be sold as per the Lockdown Regulations at this time.

Vanschaik.com sales and deliveries are now fully operational, and we can deliver printed books to you.

Some of our stores are not open due to regulations. We request that you phone our store to confirm that it will be open, before you visit, to prevent disappointment. We also offer a R50 delivery service from an open store to any address in the same town or city.

We want to assure all our customers that we have undertaken all the necessary steps to ensure the required Health and Safety measures are in place to maintain and protect the safety of our staff and customers. These are in line with COVID-19 workplace measures.

  • All customers will be required to sanitize their hands when entering the store at a dedicated sanitation station.
  • Customers will be required to adhere to social distancing measures applied in stores.
  • We will closely monitor and regulate customer numbers in stores.
  • All customers must wear a cloth face mask when entering the store for the protection of yourself and others.


Delivery Service to Customers

Customers can contact our stores or call centre (free call from cell phones 0800 11 888 2 and share costs call 08600 STUDY) or log onto www.vanschaik.com to do their purchases online for delivery at home.

We are looking forward to welcoming and serving you at our stores.