How to Master Working Independently?

01-09-2021 08:42:01 am

As the world of online study evolves in leaps and bounds and the complexity of the COVID-19 world demands more online work, it is imperative for us to master our ability to work independently. Similarly, remote work is a real possibility these days and companies investigate potential employees’ abilities and skills to work effectively remotely – even part-time.


Working independently is the ability to study or work for long periods without supervision and interaction. It requires a strong sense of responsibility and self-reliance to complete assigned tasks.


 Create An Optimal Workspace

You are no longer in a classroom or lecture hall and whilst you don’t need to replicate that space you do need a workspace that will allow you to stay focused. Start off by getting the basics right and study sitting upright at a desk and avoid studying in bed or on the couch. Choose a workspace that makes the environment more conducive to learning!


Dress For Success

Your morning grooming routine plays a huge part in focus and level of mental awareness. No matter how tempting it is to work on your PJ’s, avoid it at all costs. Get dressed for success everyday as this small action makes you feel more professional and thus do better.


Figure Out Your Work Style

We all thrive in different work environments so take some time and think about what your optimal work environment is. Do you like white noise, silence, or background music? Do you need complete isolation or background activity? How frequently do you need breaks and for how long to recharge and stay focused? Do you need a daily “fix” of outdoors and/or physical activity? Find your style and use it.


Structure Your Days

When do you learn best? Consider you best work times in the day and develop your study programme, breaks, rewards, and chores around that. It is important that it takes centre stage in your planning


Optimise Your Use of Technology

Technology can simply be your best friend and enabler or your worst nightmare. Make sure you have strong fast Wi-Fi as problematic connectivity can slow your work progress down tremendously. Check on both the hardware and software you need for your studies upfront. Ensure you have cloud-based storage and save regularly.


The benefits of being able to work independently successfully will be that you will increase and control your level of focus, make accurate progress on your assignments and study tasks, establish, and know your study pace and how to plan for it and learn the important skill of remote working.