The Importance of Self Awareness

09-09-2021 01:03:32 pm

What is self-awareness?

This critical life skill stems from the ability to tune into your feelings, thoughts, and actions. Too

often these just form part of our daily existence without us paying any real attention to them. Simply

by actively paying attention to what you are feeling, how you are thinking and your actions you will

begin to better understand the reasons behind them.


A person with a high level of self-awareness is better able to understand their emotions and feelings

and channel their thoughts and actions more effectively. They have more self-control, a higher level

of self-esteem, better able to make decisions and are more proactive in their life journey. Good self awareness also improves your communication skills.


Equally a person with low self-awareness is often not able to regulate their moods as easily as they are unable to affectively understand their feelings, thoughts, and actions. Often this leads to defensive communication, and interactions with those around them.


Being self-aware is without doubt one of the most important psychological traits you can develop

and there are some useful daily tools and exercises to help you do just that.

Increase your mindfulness

o Become aware of what you are feeling and what triggers your feelings.


Start writing

o Write down your actions and track your progress. The key here it to detail the

reasons behind your actions and compare this to your progress.


Up the response game

o Truly consider the issue, what you are feeling and why and then take a bit of time to

devise suitable responses.

o Delay your response and give yourself time to process your feelings, reasons and

find suitable actions.


Find your happy place

o Most certainly some of the emotions you feel are happiness and contentment. Know

what triggers those feelings and be sure to include those in your daily routines.


Make decisions by mind not mood

o Don’t make key decisions in a good or bad mood as this often leads to regret. Your improved self-awareness should consider your emotional triggers and reasons therefore and avoid decision-making

until it is driven by rationality.


Get honest feedback, and give it

o Ask close family members, friends, and colleagues to give you honest feedback. They

often see things from a different angle to you.

o Considering another person’s emotions, thoughts and actions from a rational

perspective is a great way to offer help and to also advance your own self awareness

process and toolbox.


Be aware of distractions

o Start by being aware of your distractions and how they can be used as an avoidance



Be realistic

o We all have strengths and weaknesses and the same applies to our emotions. Try

considering which emotions you respond well to and those that tend to control you.

Good luck on your journey to improving your self-awareness, self-motivation, productivity and