Van Schaik Bookstore 67 minutes to celebrate Mandela Day

09-09-2019 11:25:18 am


Mandela Day is a global call to action that celebrates the idea that each individual has the power to transform the world and has the ability to make an impact in peoples lives, even if its just for 67 minutes.

Mandela Day was celebrated by encouraging all Van Schaik Bookstore Managers to reach out to schools and Institutions. To encourage their stakeholders to create 3-5 minute video clips showcasing various learners, principals, teachers, students, lecturers, VC etc. reading to a group of learners and students respectively.

The stakeholders were encouraged to provide each manager with video clips that collectively added up to 67 minutes that were posted on social media as their contribution towards Mandela Day.

A random draw competition was in play, to encourage student participation. Learners who contributed to the video clips stood a chance to win a Van Schaik gift voucher which was to the value of R350. Some manager went the extra mile and managed to get about 15 schools to participate and they were rewarded appropriately with gift vouchers, stationery and books to assist them with building a relationship with the schools in their regions.

The ten schools that participated in East London won five Van Schalk vouchers. The schools that participated Vanderbijl Park, won three vouchers and finally the schools in Soweto won two vouchers. Well done to the managers for going the extra mile.