EDGE Education Video Learning Playlists

These VIDEO LEARNING PLAYLISTS (VLPs) unpack the most important concepts and principles of accounting, difficult calculations, and accounting entries using bite-sized video tutorials. 

These video tutorials will  help you to start thinking and speaking like an accountant. And, the exam-type questions, printable answer templates, solutions and worked-through examples will add some additional preparation for your upcoming assessments.



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Which topics are covered with each Video Learning Playlist?

Accounting 1 VLP covers topics including: 

  • differentiating between mark-ups and margins;
  • ‘working back a discount’ when a net amount is given;
  • making sense of the differences between perpetual and periodic inventory systems;
  • depreciation and asset disposal; and
  • calculating cash receipts from customers in the statement of cash flows.

Cost and Management Accounting VLP covers topics including:  

  • the difference between marginal and absorption costing;
  • decision trees;
  • linear programming, pricing policy and process costing; and
  • cost classification, estimation and behaviour.