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SmartSWOT Learning Solution is a one stop solution for your digital learning needs. It enables Online Learning- 'class room teaching' methods blended with appropriate interventions through digital technology and resources, significantly enhancing your learnings by bringing in an element of fun, innovation and creativity into it.

This solution works best when all students install the “SmartSWOT Learning App for students” on a device they will use for their studies. This app comes with pre-packaged learning resources as per the Institutions curriculum in the form of a secure, multi-media digital book. The Academic Institution may also from time to time administer assessments like home-work, tests, quizzes, exercises and publish new learning resources through this app. Although the app can be used offline, updates occur when online like with any other app.
So, go ahead and download the app now. All the best for your studies!

Preliminary Steps

  1. Decide upon the device on which you want to install the app. The app will embed it's content into the device as part of a security feature to prevent piracy and copying.
  2. Pick the app based on the OS (Operating System) of the device. Pick the Windows™ app if you want to install it on a Microsoft© Windows®™ laptop or desktop. Pick the Android® version of the SmartSWOT app if you choose an android tablet to work on. You will only need to download the app once to your device.
  3. For those using the 'web-version': open the internet browser (like Safari for Apple) and go to then enter the username and password you have received with your purchase to access the e-book.
  4. Download the respective Instructions sheet before you download the app and go through it. Ensure that the device you have chosen has the basic specification requirements as mentioned in the Instructions sheet including speed of processor, available memory in terms of RAM and ROM storage.
  5. Download the app in a secure, fast WiFi environment such as on campus and complete the installation process as per the instructions given in the sheet. You can check the speed of the internet connection by using "speed test" on Google search. A speed of above 2Mbps is recommended.
  6. The installation process is easy and simple. For any assistance or clarification of instructions, call our Customer Care Team on 0800 11 88 2 which is a free call within South Africa or call 0860078839 (08600STUDY) or +27 12 366 5400.

Software & Instructions Download

SmartSwot Android


Smart Swot - iOS

Web-version for iOS included in price

Why SmartSWOT Learning Solution?

Digital explosion across industry segments has touched the education sector too. While access to devices has become ubiquitous, new technological innovations have sprung up in the education space resulting in the following key benefits

  • A complete online learning experience for both students and lecturers
  • Distance learning functionality during times when face-to-face teaching modalities are unavailable due to Lockdowns
  • Self-marking assessments so students can learn at own pace or as guided by Course facilitator using gamification
  • Abundance of educational content including video, audio, animation and other apps easily accessible on the internet
  • Innovative ways of designing courses using the digital tools which are also available offline
  • Focus on personalised learning for students with ad-hoc or timed interventions when necessary
  • Ease in delivering lessons crossing the limitations of distance and numbers without additional costs such as LMS integration

While all of us understand the possibilities around technology,

  • As an Academic Institution, we would want to leverage technology to bring in efficiencies and effectiveness in teaching processes and to prepare the next generation for the #4IR future. However, we also wrestle with the idea of finding the right mix of person-led instruction model and learning through digital resources and technologies.
  • As users and students are concerned about productive screen time, appropriateness of the third-party educational content that is available online and alignment to what is being taught at the Institution.

SmartSWOT Learning solution thus enables the institute to deliver “Blended Online Learning” via distance-learning modalities with person-led interventions available asynchronously or in real-time which makes use of best of both the worlds. Regular classroom sessions are blended with appropriate digital interventions. The digital platform empowers the teachers to use digital learning resources where appropriate while also engaging the student with interesting digital learning content for both self-paced and teacher led learning.

It gives the Lecturer scope to innovate and deliver personalised learning experiences to the students- adapting to the student needs and deliver what is appropriate for them based on the student's understanding and pace as indicated by in-depth analytics reports on the student's behavior inside the e-book content.

Featues of SmartSWOT Learning Solution

The solution has two components:

  1. The SmartSWOT Learning App for students: This app comes with pre-packaged digital learning resources as per the Institute’s curriculum to use on the student's device. The student gains access to various digital learning resources in the form of reading material, videos, assessments and quizzes. Content on his app will also be dynamically updated by the school in the form of home works and pre or after class exercises. The e-reader has encryption to prevent the material from being pirated and so can not be copied and can only be used on the student's device. This is to protect the Publisher's intellectual property.
  2. The SmartSWOT Teacher's platform: The web based 'back-end' of the platform for the Lecturer's (teachers, course-facilitators or tutors and admin staff) to publish assignments, new learning resources and assessments. Messages to indvidual students, groups or entire classes can be sent using the built-in messaging functionality for better communication between Academics and Students. Analytic tools enable the teacher to track and monitor the students learning and performance
    • Publish new assignments to the student app
    • Publish and conduct assessments- digitally graded
    • Generate student performance reports- with detailed analytics
    • Publish notifications to the student app

All of this is available in the cost of the e-book(s) without the need for the Institution or school to invest in an expensive LMS or MOOC solution.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where do I find the SmartSWOT Learning app?
On this page, choose the operating system based on the device you are using being Microsoft Windows™ PC laptop or desktop or Android tablet ©.  This app will not function correctly on Smartphones or iPhone due to the advanced media embedded in the e-book including multi-media, video, self-marking assessments and analytics. Apple iOS users have access to the web-version of the SmartSWOT app on their Safari or other chosen internet browser app.

2. Which device should the SmartSWOT Learning app be installed on?
The application can be installed on any device- Desktop, Laptop or Tablet. Your institute will guide you with detailed instructions regarding this however it is expected that students use a Microsoft Windows™ computer for best results and user experience. Where an Android tablet is used, at least 500 MB of RAM must be available for the e-book to track student analytics, progress and display multi-media. Most Smartphones simply do not have the processing power to accomplish the correct user experience. This is a learning tool and not an e-reader for novels. A web-version of SmartSWOT is available on request for all other users that do not have compatible devices for the native (Android or Windows) app.

3. How do I install the SmartSWOT Learning app on a device?
The detailed instructions will be available on the web link that will be shared. The app has to be downloaded from the web link and installed on your device using a stable WiFi connection initially. Basically, you have two versions of the app- being Windows Operating System or Android Operating System. You download the app based on the operating system of your device. For example, If you intend to install the app on your Android OS tablet, you download the Android version of the app. Best with Windows OS 8 or higher and Android KitKat or higher. The SmartSWOT web version is available for all other users including Apple iOS™: this means the user can access the SMartSWOT e-book via an internet browser on a URL internet address here

4. Do I have to carry the device to the School or Campus?
Your institution (University, College, School) informs you regarding the purpose of the SmartSWOT solution and its usage for you to act accordingly. As it is intended for online learning, distance learning and remote learning modalities there may be little need for that.

5. Will all the assignments be given only through the SmartSWOT Learning app?
Not necessarily. The Learning app is an additional tool for the teacher, lecturer or facilitator. Whenever she finds it appropriate to deliver a learning through some digital resources, she will use the app. Due to the pandemic it is possible that all assignments can be done on the app as there is functionality for self-marking. In other words the SmartSWOT will automatically mark certain assignments and merely provide the lecturer with a report of the results OR the answer key to the exercises is given by the app after an attempt by the student to complete an exercise. In both cases, immediate feedback is given so there is no waiting for marking of scripts or e-mails.  It means the lecturer does not have to mark your exercises because the app can do the marking itself. This makes it perfect for online learning as students do not have to physical print and send back assignments or e-mail assignments for marking since the SmartSWOT system takes care of the marking.

6. Should the device be connected to internet to access the SmartSWOT Learning app?
No. It is an online-offline app. Once installed via WiFi onto a laptop, desktop or Android tablet, the learning resources can be accessed offline. All videos and self-marking quizzes and media are available offline once they have been initially downloaded. You do not need the internet to use the e-book if it has been fully downloaded to your device and your device is in "airplane" ✈ mode. For users of the web version, the device must always be connected to the internet.

7. Should the device be connected to internet to download the learning resources published by the Lecturer?
Yes. However, once the resources are downloaded in the native SmartSWOT app for Android and Windows users, the internet can be disconnected and the resources accessed offline. For web-version users, only the current pages may be read offline. Typically, you would need to be connected to the internet for a few minutes to download the resources published.

8. How do I buy the SmartSWOT e-book?

There are 2 options suited for students who prefer either digital contact-less means or physical in-person engagement.

  1. buy the e-book online

buying online affords students the option to pay in instalments using the Payflex option.


  1. go to any Van Schaik store and ask at the cashiers to buy the e-book, pay cash or card and then the receipt  from the cashier will have the login and password printed on it to access the e-book

9. How do I access the e-book using a browser?

The web-version can be accessed on

Use the username and password received to enter.


For any assistance and support call on the toll-free number

  • 08600STUDY for South Africa
  • +27123665400 for outside SA

Additional Information

e-mail or follow SmartSWOT on social media where available.