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Welcome to SmartSWOT Learning Solutions!

SmartSWOT Learning Solution enables Blended Learning- class room teaching blended with appropriate interventions through digital technology and resources to be used at home. This will enhance your learning by bringing in an element of fun, innovation and creativity into it.

This solution entails that each one of you install the SmartSWOT Learning App for students on a device of your choice at home. This app comes with pre-packaged learning resources as per the school's curriculum in the form of digital books. The school may also from time to time administer home-work, tests and publish new learning resources through this app.

So, go ahead and download the app now. Happy learning!

Preliminary Steps:

  1. Decide upon the device on which you want to install the app.
  2. Pick the app based on the OS of the device. Pick the windows app if you want to install it on a windows laptop or desktop. Pick the android app if you choose an android tablet.
  3. Download the respective Instructions sheet before you download the app and go through it. Ensure that the device you have chosen has the basic specification requirements as mentioned in the Instructions sheet
  4. Download the app and complete the installation process as per the instructions given in the sheet
  5. The installation process is easy and simple. However, for any assistance call our technology center.

Software & Instructions Download

Why SmartSWOT Learning Solution?

Digital explosion has resulted in:

  • Children gaining access to devices
  • New technological innovations in the education space
  • Abundance of educational content and apps easily accessible on the internet.

While all of us understand the possibilities around technology, the key is to strike a balance:

- As a school, we would want to leverage technology to bring in efficiencies and effectiveness in teaching processes and to prepare the next generation for the future. However, we also wrestle with the idea of finding the right mix of teacher led instruction model and learning through digital resources and technologies.

- As Parents, we are concerned about productive screen time, appropriateness of the third party educational content that is available online and alignment to what is being taught at the school.

SmartSWOT Learning solution enables "Blended Learning" which makes use of best of both the worlds. Regular classroom sessions are blended with appropriate digital interventions at home. It gives the teacher scope to innovate and be creative with home-work that is fun and interesting for the students. It also addresses the parental concern of making the screen time productive and its alignment to classroom learning.

Featues of SmartSWOT Learning Solution?

The solution has two components:

  1. The SmartSWOT Learning App for students: This app comes with pre-packaged digital learning resources as per the school's curriculum. The school will also administer homework, tests and publish new learning resources to the students through this app.
  2. Homework Portal for Teachers: A platform for the teachers to publish home assignments, new learning resources and assessments. Analytic tools enable the teacher to track and monitor the students learning and performance.

Home work through SmartSWOT Learning solution:

Homework using pre-loaded learning resources: Teachers may instruct students to do pre-reading before a class or review videos, animations post a class. Preloaded worksheets may be assigned to students as part of homework.

Homework pushed to students: Teachers will publish new resources as part of the home assignments. These resources could be videos, notes, PPTs or Worksheets. Once downloaded the student will be expected to refer to these - as part of the homework and also as learning resources during exam preparation.

Digitally graded assignments: From time-to-time Teachers would be publishing Tests as assignments for the students to complete at home. Students will be expected to download these tests and take them offline. Once students take these tests, they will get immediate feedback and teachers will get analytics across the class. This will serve as quick diagnostics and will be a critical input for us as a school and you as a parent!.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where do I find the SmartSWOT Learning app?

The learning app will be made available on the school website and the link will be shared with the parents. The app can be downloaded and installed on a device.

2. Which device should the SmartSWOT Learning app be installed on?

The application can be installed on any device- Desktop, Laptop, Tablet or Phone. Since the Learning app is to be used at home, install it on a device to which the student will have access to at home.

3. How do I install the SmartSWOT Learning app on a device?

The detailed instructions will be available on the web link that will be shared. The app has to be downloaded from the web link and installed on your device. Basically, you have three versions of the app- Windows, Android and iOS. You download the app based on the operating system of your device. For eg., If you intend to install the app on your android tablet, you download the android version of the app

4. Do I have to carry the device to the School?

No. The Learning app is to be used at Home. You will not carry the device to the school.

5. Why should I have this SmartSWOT Learning app installed at Home? Since this is part of the Blended learning initiative of the school, from time to time home works, additional learning resources and other assignments will be shared with the students through this app. Hence the students need to have the app installed to have access to the resources and home assignments published by the teacher.

6. Will all the home assignments be given only through the SmartSWOT Learning app?

Not necessarily. The Learning app is an additional tool for the teacher. Whenever she finds it appropriate to deliver a learning through some digital resources, she will use the app.

7. Will I submit the home assignments through the SmartSWOT Learning app?

Except for the digital assessments, all other home works are paper based and will be submitted in their note books or on paper sheets. The app only enables the students to access the learning resources around which the homework is designed. For e.g., the students might be required to watch a video on the app and solve the questions in the accompanying worksheet. The answers will be solved and submitted in their notebooks.

8. Should the device be connected to internet to access the SmartSWOT Learning app?

No. It is an offline app. Once installed, the learning resources can be accessed offline.

9. Should the device be connected to internet to download the learning resources published by the teacher?

Yes. However, once the resources are downloaded in the app, the internet can be disconnected and the resources accessed offline. Typically, you would need to be connected to the internet for a few minutes to download the resources published.

10. How long will I use the Learning app in day?

The app is an additional tool to supplement the teachings delivered in the classroom. The teacher at her discretion will assign certain home works, reading assignments etc through the app. Typically it will not be more than 20-30 minutes in a day, that too on specific days. The emphasis is on balance.