Latest News and Announcements

Van Schaik Bookstore is again humbled and proud to announce that we have won the prestigious 2017 Sefika Academic Bookseller of the Year award for the 6th consecutive year.

In an ever-changing learning landscape, it is imperative to not only keep up, but also be a step ahead, especially with the rise in digital offerings and online educational institutions. Van Schaik Bookstore has the solution for you. We were the first academic bookseller to introduce an aggregated e-Textbook platform to South Africa, which has allowed us to gain a deep understanding of and insights into how e-Textbooks are used by and affects students, academics, institutions and publishers. This has lead to the development and creation of an unparalleled learning experience, called SmartSWOT.

Designed to offer students more… More rewards, more freebies, more deals, more information, as well as free Wi-Fi and WhatsApp – the much-anticipated, and soon-to-be launched Van Schaik Rewards App is a lock screen replacement android app that has been integrated with the Van Schaik Rewards loyalty programme. We speak to Van Schaik Bookstore’ MD, Stephan Erasmus, to find out more.

Digital Manager of Van Schaik Bookstore, Melvin Kaabwe, has been appointed as Vice President of the South African Booksellers Association (SABA).

Van Schaik Bookstore is always looking for ways to improve on our customer service at the most cost-effective way possible. Therefore we have have negotiated a favourable deal with Pargo for deliveries of online orders.

Van Schaik Bookstore, one of Southern Africa’s leading academic booksellers, and Marsh, a global leader in insurance broking and risk management, partnered to promote a love for writing through a national essay writing competition. As Africa’s pre-eminent insurance broker and risk advisor, Marsh Africa held an essay writing competition in May as part of their Global Volunteer Month. Marsh’s flagship CSI programme, Boost a School, is aimed at improving school performance and the quality of education at disadvantaged communities in South Africa.

World Book and Copyright Day is celebrated on 23 April every year. Can you imagine, that if authors stopped writing, we wouldn’t have heroes anymore, movies wouldn’t be based on best selling novels, academic textbooks wouldn’t be available for studies and many youngsters would never dream about wielding swords, becoming entrepreneurs and grow up to be our future CEO’s?

While most companies expand into Northern Africa, Van Schaik Bookstore has chosen the Southern region; Namibia, Botswana and Swaziland.

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This 1st Semester there are a host of promotions to choose from at Van Schaik Bookstore.